Dealer Level Servicing from Brit Cars (International) Ltd
Dealer Level Servicing from Brit Cars (International) Ltd
Dealer Level Servicing from Brit Cars (International) Ltd
Dealer Level Servicing from Brit Cars (International) Ltd
Dealer Level Servicing from Brit Cars (International) Ltd
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At Brit cars International Ltd we will be able to quickly pinpoint whether the timing belt needs replacing.

The timing belt is a critical engine component of your Jaguar and if this doesn't function your car just will not work. It is an element of the engine that assures that the cylinders fire when they should and that the crankshaft and cam work in synchronisation. Although the timing belt is made from high-durability materials to give it a good life span, this life is not forever and runs the risk of wear and tear. Signs of a timing belt being on the way out, or defective is if the engine seeps oil, the engine won't turnover or fizzles or there is like a clacking noise from the engine. If you see any of these symptoms, you can inform the qualified mechanic that you suspect it might be the timing belt. The timing belt is inclined to be one of those components that do not give a signal of a problem until it is actually defective, however browsing through the owner manual of your Jaguar will state how often it should be replaced. 

Failure to replace this in time can result in catastrophic damage to your engine - so it is essential that timing belt replacements are undertaken so you do not experience engine failure. 

Timing Belt Jaguar
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